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Matthew Voralik

Matthew Voralik grew up working in the brick and mortar store after school and during the summers. When most boys his age were playing video games, he was assembling wheelchairs and hospital beds and showing people how to use all the things they sold in his dad's store. Today he does the same thing for his online customers. This also makes America Discount Home Medical uniquely qualified to select and recommend the best products for our customers.

Best 2023 tech gifts and gadgets for seniors

For birthday or holiday gift giving, why not give the gift of tech to help the seniors in your life live a little easier? Whether you are thinking of their safety or their comfort, we have singled out some of the best tech gadgets they’ll love. Read on to find the best tech gifts for seniors.

1. Ring video doorbell

Price $100

The Ring is a great tool for those seniors who have limited mobility, live alone, or simply want to screen their front door visitors much like we do on our phone calls these days. Feel safe and secure in your home with a way to determine if you want to answer the door or not once you know who is there. Also, it is very common for thieves to check to see if anyone is home by first ringing your doorbell. Even if you’re not at home, you can “answer” the doorbell via your smartphone and fool them away.

Remote and Local Freelance Jobs for Seniors and Retirees

Remote and Local Freelance Jobs for Seniors and Retirees 

Many seniors are not done working. Either they need to or they just want to. But whatever the case, many are opting for telecommuting or work-from-home freelance opportunities. This gives retirees the benefits of part-time or full-time employment while preserving the freedom to “do their own thing” through flexibility in scheduling, and if you’re an employer, you’re in luck because of the benefits seniors bring to those lucky companies who hire them.

But where does a senior go to find work when ageism is so prevalent? There are lots of opportunities for you and we’ve done the homework to bring them altogether and make your job search easier.

Senior citizen at work in office

Go for the gray when hiring. They come with benefits!

Retirees don’t always completely retire. Many return to work after reaching retirement age, and they do it for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons for seniors remaining in or rejoining the workforce include a desire to stay busy and keep active, a lack of savings and a desire for extra income.

But unfortunately, we live in the age of “-isms.” One of the “-isms” that is frequently overlooked is ageism. This is discrimination or prejudice based on a person’s age. Just look at the following chart and it shouldn’t be hard to see that ageism just might be behind the hiring in those listed tech companies.


How to Fairly Divide Family Heirlooms without Fracturing your Family

We all know of people who had a falling out within their family over an inheritance. It is not only those with vast wealth who risk this. Sometimes families will fight over the simplest of bequests, especially one-of-a-kind family heirlooms. For this reason, it’s vital that we make plans for these bequests before our health declines so that our family will stay intact after we are gone.

This benefits our heirs financially as well as emotionally. They keep their relationships with siblings and children intact while they avoid costly legal battles. A few simple steps on your part on just how to divide your heirlooms will go a long way toward protecting those you hold most dear.

Teapot or Tesla?

Before you can plan your bequests, you need to know what people want. If you are a sharing family, then it may be easy. If not, this may be a major hurdle you will need to overcome so that your heirs don’t fight among themselves after you’re gone.

If you know your family members well, you’ll know who are the sentimental ones – those who would choose a chipped teapot that belonged to a great-great-grandmother over something of monetary value. You’ll also know the ones who are adding up each item’s dollar value and can tell you which items are worth what down to the penny.

stair stepper

Tips to Keep Seniors Mobile and Prevent Falls

ADHME Guide to Independent Living Part 2

Living life to the full includes having freedom of movement. Even for those who may be less mobile, moving from one room to another or out the front door adds to our enjoyment of each and every day. Read on for some easy-to-institute ways to increase mobility, decrease the risk of falls and injury, and get on with life.

Balancing act

As we get older or after surgery or illness, we can face balance issues. It’s a scary feeling to be unsure of our footing and this can increase anxiety as we do the simplest of tasks – getting out of bed, completing essential self-care, even daily tasks like cooking a meal. To combat this, it’s essential to put safeguards in place around our home.


One of the key ways to keep on our feet is to be able to see obstacles in our way. It’s not just at night that we may need extra illumination. Installing motion sensing lights along the floor in hallways and entryways means you never have to fumble for a light switch in the dark. This is vital for stairs as well, to ensure you can see where your foot will land before you take the next step.

motion detector lights

Make sure you add lights to outdoor stairs and walkways too. These can be motion sensor or light sensor, but you want to make sure they are automatic so you never get caught unexpectedly away from the light switch in the dark.

For your table lamps, you’ll want them on a wall switch, or to at least have easy-turn knobs, so that when you stage the house for the evening, everything is well-lit and cheerful. Not only will your mood brighten, but you will avoid falls due to shadowy areas.

5 Historic Colorado Vacations that are Great for Seniors

5 Historic Colorado Vacations that are Great for Seniors

The state of Colorado is rife with beautiful landscapes that vary from arid desert to lush river canyons. Within the canyons and mountains, you can still visit ancient Pueblo cities and learn about their culture. While Colorado is a great place to travel for those who love the outdoors, seniors may feel that visiting the state isn’t for them. That is definitely not true. Within Colorado, there are plenty of places to visit and explore even for seniors who require home medical equipment or wheelchairs. If you’re itching to take a vacation, consider these three Colorado vacation destinations.

How to Move and Care for Ambulatory Patients

How to Move and Care for Ambulatory Patients

Caring for senior or other ambulatory patients at home does not come without risk. In addition to them not being able to care for their own weight, those caring for the elderly and infirm may not have the strength to do so themselves without the aid of tools and techniques.

To help our clients who are faced with the task of helping others stay in their homes and get the most out of their lives, we’ve collected some helpful videos from the internet, and will be adding more as we find them. Have some of your own you want to share? Be sure to leave links to them in our comments box below. 

wheelchair ramp

25 helpful gadgets, gifts, and other things for seniors to make living at home easier

It’s not easy getting older. With it can come decreased mobility, less dexterity, and perhaps even pain from doing the things that were so simple just a few years ago. When difficulty with everyday tasks threatens elderly independence, there may just be the perfect solution – in a gadget.

For those of advanced years living alone and loving it, or patients in the process of post-surgery recovery regaining their health and dexterity, these things might be the difference between staying in your own home and having to move to an assisted care facility.

Read on to find some of the best affordable gadgets, gifts and other things for the elderly living at home or those recovering from an injury. Whether you are aging and looking for some aids to daily living, or you’re caring for aging loved ones in their home and want to help them remain independent, here is our list of great gadgets and other things to make life easier. (They also make great gifts!)

Enriching Activities for Independent-Living Seniors to Avoid Isolation

Enriching Activities for Independent-Living Seniors to Avoid Isolation

While we may want to live in our own homes as we get older, we may also find it harder and harder to find a reason – or the motivation – to get out like we used to. But it can be dangerous to become isolated as we age. Studies show that there is a decline in physical health and an increase in dementia in those who do not interact with others on a regular basis.

But there is a way to fight back! Creativity and social interaction increase well being and health of seniors no matter their age, background, or baseline health. Let’s take a creative look at 15 ways to interact with others – young and old – even when living alone to stay sharp and healthy for years to come.

Tips for Better Independent Living in the Living Room

Tips for Better Independent Living in the Living Room

ADHME Guide to Independent Living Part 3

As we age, we can begin to feel like independent living is getting harder to manage. That does not need to be the case if you prepare your spaces for safety and security. Whether you are updating your own home or helping a loved one, these tips for independent living can make your living room accommodate you for years to come.

When you enter your living room, you want a space that welcomes. A few simple fixes can take a space from adding anxiety to your day to a place where you feel at relaxed and calm. Making sure you can accomplish all you need to do in a day is a key part of remaining independent. Leisure time activities are a mainstay of the living room, and those often centered around entertainment and communication.

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