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Remote and Local Freelance Jobs for Seniors and Retirees

Remote and Local Freelance Jobs for Seniors and Retirees 

Many seniors are not done working. Either they need to or they just want to. But whatever the case, many are opting for telecommuting or work-from-home freelance opportunities. This gives retirees the benefits of part-time or full-time employment while preserving the freedom to “do their own thing” through flexibility in scheduling, and if you’re an employer, you’re in luck because of the benefits seniors bring to those lucky companies who hire them.

But where does a senior go to find work when ageism is so prevalent? There are lots of opportunities for you and we’ve done the homework to bring them altogether and make your job search easier.

Senior citizen at work in office

Go for the gray when hiring. They come with benefits!

Retirees don’t always completely retire. Many return to work after reaching retirement age, and they do it for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons for seniors remaining in or rejoining the workforce include a desire to stay busy and keep active, a lack of savings and a desire for extra income.

But unfortunately, we live in the age of “-isms.” One of the “-isms” that is frequently overlooked is ageism. This is discrimination or prejudice based on a person’s age. Just look at the following chart and it shouldn’t be hard to see that ageism just might be behind the hiring in those listed tech companies.

5 Historic Colorado Vacations that are Great for Seniors

5 Historic Colorado Vacations that are Great for Seniors

The state of Colorado is rife with beautiful landscapes that vary from arid desert to lush river canyons. Within the canyons and mountains, you can still visit ancient Pueblo cities and learn about their culture. While Colorado is a great place to travel for those who love the outdoors, seniors may feel that visiting the state isn’t for them. That is definitely not true. Within Colorado, there are plenty of places to visit and explore even for seniors who require home medical equipment or wheelchairs. If you’re itching to take a vacation, consider these three Colorado vacation destinations.

Enriching Activities for Independent-Living Seniors to Avoid Isolation

Enriching Activities for Independent-Living Seniors to Avoid Isolation

While we may want to live in our own homes as we get older, we may also find it harder and harder to find a reason – or the motivation – to get out like we used to. But it can be dangerous to become isolated as we age. Studies show that there is a decline in physical health and an increase in dementia in those who do not interact with others on a regular basis.

But there is a way to fight back! Creativity and social interaction increase well being and health of seniors no matter their age, background, or baseline health. Let’s take a creative look at 15 ways to interact with others – young and old – even when living alone to stay sharp and healthy for years to come.

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