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Cannabis for Seniors

Cannabis for Seniors: A Scientific View of the Pros and Cons

The current generation of seniors who are 65 years or older grew up knowing that marijuana is the “devil’s drug.” So, it is surprising that seniors form the fastest-growing segment of cannabis adopters in the past few years. 

Of the seniors who are currently adopting marijuana for medicinal use, about 75% of them had never tried it before. This open-mindedness and willingness to try new remedies is driven by the massive pro-cannabis information campaigns that are going on. Most importantly, these seniors are attracted by the potential health benefits of medical marijuana. 

However, seniors should not rush to replace their pain killers with CBD unless they have enough information about cannabis and its health effects. 

How to Move and Care for Ambulatory Patients

How to Move and Care for Ambulatory Patients

Caring for senior or other ambulatory patients at home does not come without risk. In addition to them not being able to care for their own weight, those caring for the elderly and infirm may not have the strength to do so themselves without the aid of tools and techniques.

To help our clients who are faced with the task of helping others stay in their homes and get the most out of their lives, we’ve collected some helpful videos from the internet, and will be adding more as we find them. Have some of your own you want to share? Be sure to leave links to them in our comments box below. 

What Kind of Hospital Bed Mattress Is Best for the Elderly & Bedridden?

What Kind of Hospital Bed Mattress Is Best for the Elderly & Bedridden?

Learn how to choose the best hospital bed mattress for your needs.

Of primary concern when shopping for a mattress is comfort, but also how to prevent bed sores in those who will be spending a lot of time there, the elderly and disabled bedridden. There are several different types of hospital bed mattresses available to meet your needs, and it can be confusing what kind you need, so let’s see if we can help.

First, answer these 5 questions

Before you can choose the best type of hospital bed mattress for you, you first need answers to these questions:

  • How much time per day will the patient be spending in bed?
  • Can the patient shift positions independently? (Questions 1 and 2 deal address the probability of developing bed sores.)
  • How many months will they need to use a hospital bed?
  • How much does the patient weigh?
  • How much muscle mass do they have?

When you have those answers, you’re ready to make a selection. We help you do that below and make recommendations for the conditions listed in those bullet points.

What’s the Best Home Hospital Bed for Bedridden, Disabled and Elderly Patients?

What’s the Best Home Hospital Bed for Bedridden, Disabled and Elderly Patients?

So many types of hospital beds. Which is best for the bedridden or disabled? Where do you start?

When looking for a hospital bed, there are lots of things to consider. You want to make the best possible choice for patient comfort and ease of care, while keeping costs as low as possible. But there’s something that is much more important.

Customers ask us all the time, “what’s the best hospital bed.” The best answer is, the best hospital bed is the one that meets your needs the best. Are you heavy or light? Are you mobile or not, tall or short? How long will you be in that bed? The answers to those questions and more will determine what kind of hospital bed you need. Remember, you should not be looking for the best hospital bed without looking  for which type is best for you. 

We’ve written this post to help answer some of the toughest questions about hospital beds, mattresses, and accessories so you have all the information you need right at your fingertips to choose the right type of hospital bed for your needs.

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